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AP Writing

The Cable
The College of Saint Scholastica

Carb Conundrum?
By: Kate Murphy

DULUTH, MN—College is a strange, anxious and exhilarating time when you’re floating somewhere between dependence and independence. You are no longer in high school; you’re facing the “real world.” Maintaining healthy eating routines can sometimes be harder than passing that organic chemistry or general psychology exam. Everyone goes through changes during these college years and finding balance away from home can be a challenge, especially for those with specialty diets.

College cafeterias, late-night snacking, and busy schedules that leave little time for proper eating or exercising, may lead to that dreaded “freshman 15.” This doesn’t have to be the issue, especially at the College of Saint Scholastica. So how can you avoid some of the dietary pitfalls commonly associated with the college lifestyle? I went to the college’s director of food services, Jean Anderson, R.D., to find the answer to this question.

Before asking questions to Anderson, I browsed for information about the food service on Saint Scholastica’s website:

“The College of Saint Scholastica Food Service Department is committed to providing the college community and guests with the highest quality nutritious food. The accomplish this we will use fresh ingredients, offer the best quality and value possible, present a varied menu and provide for the special needs of our patrons. Well-trained, knowledgeable and courteous employees will focus on services as our highest priority.”

Being a newly diagnosed diabetic, I have had to make great changes to my diet; I have to watch my carb intake, yet still eat well-balanced and healthy meals. It is a daily struggle that I have to deal with every single day of my life, but there are many other people at the college who also go through restrictions. Whether it is an allergy towards dairy or gluten intolerance, the food service program at the College of Saint Scholastica will accommodate any needs that arise.

“We will work with the student one-on-one,” Anderson said. “We can provide menu labeling, which can be highlighted in certain ways to show what is being served. In the past, we have stored product for them and have purchased specialty food items.”

What if you are unsure of the products ingredients or amount of carbs in a slice of gluten-free bread? When in doubt, ask.  The information is accessible to everyone, if you just go up to one of the trained workers and ask your questions. The food you eat shouldn’t be unknown or hidden from you.

“We read ingredient labels all the time for people,” added Anderson.

With the Greenview Dining Room providing access of information to those who need it, is one way that support is given to those who do have dietary restrictions. Even if you do not have a specialty diet to follow, the GDR always has healthy options so that the dreaded “freshman 15” won’t be a problem. When scanning the buffet lines, you can notice the endless amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits and lean proteins.

“’Freshman 15’ isn’t just based on diet, but lifestyle,” added Anderson. “It isn’t totally about food; it’s about exercise as well. You do need to have a balanced diet but it is more about your lifestyle choices.”

The Greenview Dining Room provides an array of choices for the hungry college students. There are healthy options, such as the popular salad bar, with lower in fat choices, such as hummus and tofu. There are, of course, choices for those of us who cannot get enough of the fried French fries and juicy hamburgers. Nevertheless, there are always a variety of alternatives, especially those with nut, gluten, dairy or vegetarian limitations. College gives students independence, and GDR reinforces that by giving us the ability to choose what to eat. The Greenview Square allows the famished college students to have the workers make a meal any way they want. By filling out a piece of paper, you have the freedom to decide whether or not to have pepperoni or green peppers on your freshly baked pizza.

“Everything in moderation,” said Anderson. “If you balance your meals and include a variety of choices, you will be better off.”

In the past, we were told to follow the food pyramid. Today, the United States Department of Agriculture has us abide by MyPlate, a plate with designated area amounts of what to include into our meals. It is an added reminder to eat well-balanced meals; emphasis is made on fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat milk products, with inclusions for lean protein but restrictions placed on fat, salt and sugar.

A college student’s lifestyle can be hectic, with late-night studying, endless amounts of homework and group projects to complete. More stress can be added onto one’s schedule when dietary restrictions are a part of a person’s day to day living. Being a diabetic, I know that I have to be careful with what I consume. I have to watch my carbohydrate intake, as well as eat healthy and exercise. Whether you are diabetic or have a particular food allergy, the Greenview Dining Room gives you the opportunity to find out what you are feeding your body. All you have to do is ask.

Kate Murphy is a freshman at the College of Saint Scholastica, where she is currently majoring in journalism.

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The Summer Wind Update...

My book on Lulu, The Summer Wind...... has...... been..... PURCHASED! Thanks to the wonderful Rob Larson, my book will be coming to me shortly! I cannot wait to hold it in my hands. I put a lot of work into this book. Even though I started working with Lulu since Spring Break on this book, in total, with the past summers of taking pictures, this has really been a work in process. I started really working on this book a little over 3 weeks ago, and some may say that I didn't put a lot of effort into it because it was only 3 weeks ago. In reality, I worked a lot on it. I spent pretty much every day from Spring Break to now, working a little or a lot at a time toward this book. I wanted to make sure everything about it was perfect. I am so excited to see what the book looks like. I hope my anticipation and excitement is worth it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My book is ready to be published!

I am excited to say that my book, The Summer Wind, is ready to be published. A lot of work has gone into this project, and I am stoked to purchase it and to actually hold it in my hands very soon. Let's the purchasing begin!

Everyone... CHECK. IT. OUT.

More editing!

Today, I showed Rob my photo book for revision and editing. We did find some errors together and I am glad that I went over it with him. I did go over it myself, but it was late at night and I was tired. So it was very wise of my to have another pair of eyes look at my work. I am so ready to purchase this book and to hold a physical copy in my hands. Let's see how it turns out! More soon...

Final Project Proposal

Kate Murphy
Final Proposal

            For the second half of the semester, I have chosen the path of print media. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lulu, so for my project, I decided to base my project on two important aspects of my life: summer and photography. My main plan is to edit, produce, and publish a photography book.
            For a final project, I plan on creating, devoting time, and eventually publishing a book filled with my own photography. I have always been inspired by photography; it is a hobby I thoroughly enjoy. I love taking my own pictures of things that we see every single day but in a unique way that can display the object’s beauty.
            The final project encompasses who, what, when, where, why, and how. For the subject of who, I myself is going to work toward making this book. This project will mostly be done on an individual level, but I plan on having people help me make sure that the book is aesthetically appealing and that the grammar is correct.  What I am planning to make is a photography book. Not only will it have my own personal photography, but it will also have lyrics and quotes that pertain to the season of summer. I want to be able to set this book down onto my coffee table back home and for someone to want to look through it. As for “when,” I have actually started working on the book; I started compiling everything and posting my journey on my blog during Spring Break. As for a specific date, I am to the point of final editing and being able to purchase the book. Since I started working on it very early, I plan on purchasing a copy sometime in the end of March or beginning of April. I would be able to have Rob grade the physical copy of it, and later, when I leave for the summer, I can give it to my mother; my plan is to be able to go home with a book in hand. Where will the work be done? I have been working outside of class since Spring Break on this project. I spend about an hour at a time revising and organizing my book when I want to work on it. When I complete my work, the publishing work will obviously be done by Lulu.  Why should I do this work? Besides the fact that this is for a final grade, I want to do this to display my photography. I do not feel that I am considered a “photographer” but that it is more of a hobby that I love to do. I love taking pictures during the summer—it is a wonderful season filled with beautiful nature. I have always wanted to publish a book and since photography is a part of me, why not publish a book of it? Finally, how am I going to do all of this? With hard work, determination, peer editing, outside of class dedication, and a multitude of other factors, my plan is to indeed create, devote time, and publish a photography book. 

As a review...

WHO: Myself, peer editors, and Rob Larson

WHAT: A photography book of pictures that I have taken personally. (Pictures of nature: summer, flowers, greenery, skies)
WHEN: To begin working during Spring Break and to continue the hard work until completion. I plan to purchase this book by the end of March/beginning of April (definitely before Easter).
WHERE: I plan to work on it outside of class (individually). Inside of class when I need peer editing and Rob's approval.
WHY: I love taking pictures. I want to showcase my pictures off to people, especially to my mom. I have always wanted to publish my own book and now I can.
HOW: Through the help of Lulu, I will be able to hold a physical copy in my hands. With the gracious help of Rob, I will be able to purchase this book. Also, through his editing skills, as well as my peers, I will be able to come away with a product that I will feel proud of.

Other Group - Radio Ad

Radio Ad:

Connor Stevens, Teagan Anderson, Sarah Sluka, and Kate Murphy

Can you feel the love tonight?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The editing process begins...

I have all the quotes and lyrics that I want in the book. My pictures are in the order that I think makes the most sense. So now, I begin the editing process-- since I am giving this book to my mom for a gift, I want to make sure that all the spelling/grammar is perfect. I am a fast typer, so I don't want this book to have spelling errors because of that. I need to go through the entire book slowly, and make sure that everything is correct. I just spent a good amount of time this Sunday morning looking through the book, but now I want to find a couple people to look through it with me to find any errors or if I should change the pictures around.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

GDR Extended Hours Radio Script

Title of Program: GDR Hours Extended
Type of Program: Informative Announcement
Date of Airing: TBA
Time of Airing: TBA
Scriptwriters: Connor Stevens, Teagan Anderson, Kate Murphy, and Sarah Sluka

1     UPBEAT MUSIC [5-10 seconds audible]
2     FADE MUSIC [for HOSTS]
3     HOST 1: Hey CSS!
4     HOST 2: Are you tired of eating really early and being hungry later in the night?
5     HOST 3: Does it bother you when you finish practice, you and your team can't go to GDR because it's
6      closed?
7     HOST 2: Isn't it rough when your evening class is over you can't get some dinner from GDR?
8     HOST 1: Well do we have some good news for you! Thanks to the Student Athlete Advisory
9     Committee, the GDR has graciously accepted the extension for their evening hours and now closes at
10   7:00, Monday through Thursday.
11   HOST 2: In support, try to get to dinner to show that this time extension is really needed by the student 
12   body and especially the student athletes. Just listen to how it has helped these students.
13   HOST 4: This extension is the bee's knees! My college experience has enhanced so much!
14   HOST 5: Before GDR hours were extended, I would come back from track practice feeling famished 
15   and not ready to do my homework. Now, thanks to this gift from God,  I can re-energize myself with a
16   healthy meal. 
17   HOST 3: Let's show our appreciation and say thank you to the GDR staff.
18   HOST 1: Some come on! Let's go carb up!
19   MUSIC FADE OUT [5-10 seconds]

Rob... again, for some reason, Blogger changed my script. When I am "Editing" it looks correct, but then when I "Publish Post," the format changes and the script doesn't line up with the numbers. I don't know why. Sorry about this, but it is correct when I am editing it.

Adding quotes and lyrics

Today, I decided to add quotes, lyrics, and some of my own personal touches into the book. I have arranged the pictures in a way that I think is pleasing and works. I added a handful of quotes and lyrics, and I decided that since I am giving this book to my mother, I wanted to add song lyrics from when she was a teenager/young adult. So I added some lyrics from John Denver and War, just to name a few. I want those lyrics to be a reminder of those summer days that she had when she was younger... the time of no school and no stress - just relaxing in the sumer with your friends.

It may seem like I am going pretty fast with this project, and I guess I am. But I don't want people to think that I am not putting 110% into this. I am a person that cannot procrastinate, so I have been doing a little bit everyday, working towards publishing this book. I am so proud of it so far, but next, I need to re-read all the writings that I have put in, because any grammatical errors would really upset me. I am thinking of finding some people to proof-read this and to tell me what I should do (any changes, is it pleasing to the eye, grammar, the flow of pictures, etc.) Next stop... editing!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The work continues...

I uploaded the pictures onto Lulu, and I have already started arranging the pictures in my photobook. I am grouping certain pictures together, such as the orange lilies together, then transitioning to other colors of lilies and flowers. Slowly, but surely, I am working on this book! Stay tuned!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Start of my photo book

I uploaded my pictures onto my laptop during Spring Break and today, I decided to start uploading the pictures onto the Lulu website. I uploaded a total of 62 pictures but as of right now I am unsure if I want to use all of the 62 pictures or not. Some of the pictures are a little blurry or I feel are not very "strong" but I am still uploaded them and will work with them and see how it looks during this process. I know this is mostly going to be me working by myself on this project, but I for sure want to have people looking over my work, giving me critiques, make sure it look aesthetically appealing, and so on. I want to be able to publish this and give it to my mother as a gift, so I want to make it as perfect as possible!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Starting out the second half of the semester....

I have spent a little bit of the first day of my spring break working on my project. I have been looking up quotes, song lyrics, and anything that correlates to summer. I have also uploaded a ton of my photography. I hope this book turns out to be bigger and better than the first Lulu book I worked on. Here is a little sneak peek of some of the photos that will be in this book!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Synopsis for the Second Half of the Semester

Kate Murphy

Midterm Exam


            In the first half of the semester, I worked on three main areas of mass media: radio, video, and publishing. When deciding what path to take for the second half, I chose the one area that I felt most comfortable with, yet will still work diligently toward accomplishing a quality work. I have decided that I want to continue working with publishing. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lulu and I want to continue that process and better my skills.

            When assigned the minimum thirty two page book project, I was overwhelmed. I did not think it would be possible. Then I started to brainstorm for ideas on what I could possibly publish and I was inspired by my favorite season, summer. For the second half of the semester, I want to base my book off of that Lulu rough draft book. I want to make it bigger and better. Even though it may seem like a simple book, my time and effort would be very evident in this book. After coming back from Spring Break, there will be a little over a month left of class and I will definitely devote a lot of time and attention toward creating and publishing this book. I do not want just a simple photography book. I want to publish a photography book with pictures that I have personally taken with the addition of quotes, stories, song lyrics, or anything that correlates to summer. I plan on using Lulu again because of the ease that the site provides.

            For the second half of the semester, I plan on creating, devoting time, and publishing a book filled with my own photography. When I go to book stores, I always enjoy going through the pages of photography books; I guess I could say that I am inspired by them, and that is why I take my own pictures. I believe that memories and special moments can be captured in pictures and even when times change or get difficult, pictures will always remain the same. I plan on publishing this book not only for myself but for others to see it as well. I would hope that by placing it on my coffee table at home that people would see it and be intrigued to start flipping through the pages in awe that I was able to publish my very own book with an ISBN number. I think it would be a thoughtful gift to give to my mother, to show her that her own daughter published a book. I would work on this project in and outside of class; I would use time in class as well as work on it on my laptop in my dorm. I want to put a lot of work toward this book; I want to be proud of the final outcome and tell myself that I put my best work in this book. Along with that, I would work on it whenever I can make time. We are given a little over a month to work on it and I absolutely hate procrastinating, so last minute cramming would not be an issue with me. Finally, why choose to publish a photography book for my project? I want to be proud of something that has my own name on it. I want to hold this book in my hands and know that I took the pictures, wrote commentary, found specific quotes, and worked very hard at. Just to know that I would have my own book is something that I’ve always thought about but never though could be possible. My intentions are to produce and publish a book and to have the ability to place it on a table for someone to pick up and flip through. It would be a great way to display my photography because I really do love taking pictures of flowers and nature in the summer.

            Eventually, I hope to have a specific plan with people I want to work with, a schedule, responsibilities, a plan of what I want the book to entail, and the final deliverable. I am excited to work on this project and to rework what I tried to do with my first Lulu book. I was inspired by the Lulu project given in the first half of the semester and hopefully I will be able to make a bigger and better composition of my photography the second half of the semester.