Thursday, September 27, 2012

October 4th Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek for my October 4th multi-week article. Since this year we celebrate CSS' Centennial, I chose that to be the main focus of my paper. I wanted to let my audience know about the Sister's determination and dedication toward the college and how we should take time to reflect about their beginnings. They are the reason why we are here today.

I don't want to give everything away, so here is your free preview of the first paragraph of the article!

          You only celebrate 100 years once. 2012 marks the 100th year of existence for The College of St. Scholastica. There is celebrating, reminiscing, and overwhelming sensation of pride in the form of the blue and gold school colors. While all of these are great attributes, would we still have this same “Cor et Anima” passion if it wasn’t the Centennial? We may take for granted the beginnings at The College of St. Scholastica, but in the back of our minds, the Sister’s determination brought us here. The Sisters and the values they have integrated into our school up on a hill in Duluth will always be a part of our story, whether we acknowledge it or not; we are Saints for life.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Skype Makes Keeping in Touch Easier

Kate Murphy
Newswriting and Reporting
Writing Assignment #2

Skype Makes Keeping in Touch Easier

            Waiting weeks or months to see your friends and family is a thing of the past. The desire to stay connected and the advances in social media has changed how we keep in touch with people.
College gives students the opportunity to move out of their parents’ house and into a world of new freedoms, but in turn students may catch the homesickness bug. Students could jump into their car or book a ticket back home, but that could be quite expensive. Seeing family and friends without breaking the bank is a possibility through Skype.
            Skype, created in 2003, is a computer program that allows its users to video-chat with anyone in the world, for free. Skype has provided a means for students to call home over their laptop. All that is needed is the software downloaded on the recipient and caller’s computer. Registered users are identified with a creative Skype name, with friends and family grouped into their own contact list. With an Internet connection, microphone and webcam, seeing friends who live six hours away, is an easy, joyous reunion.
            “I think people should Skype because it’s a great way to see people,” Alisha Plunkett, a sophomore at The College of St. Scholastica said. Plunkett, who is in a long-distance relationship, said that Skype has helped her cope with being away from her boyfriend. “Not only do I get to talk to my boyfriend, I get to visually see him. It’s bittersweet that I can’t be there physically, but it still allows me to see him.”
Skype is not just limited for laptop-to-laptop interaction. Calls can be made from your laptop to a landline or mobile phone. There is a minimal charge for this feature, but it is much easier to afford than that airplane ticket or the increasing price of gas.
            When students are heading out on this new college adventure, they may not see any reason why they would want to Skype home. After settling in, they may find that there are several good reasons to Skype home. If students catch the homesickness bug, having Skype allows them to see their relatives. Parents always worry about their kids when they send them off to college. Video calls can help them adjust to their empty-nest situation, and make it feel like their child isn’t so far away. Skype can also benefit your wallet.
“I love that it’s free,” Plunkett said. “All you need is Internet service, and you can call anyone who has it.”
Did you get a new haircut? Or want to show off your dorm room? Video calling can also be a way to brag to your friends. Whatever the reason to Skype, it is a beneficial, virtual visit for both parents and students.
            This generation seems connected to some form of social media technology, so it is only natural that Skype would be a part of it. Through an easy installation, the ability to see your parents or long lost friends can be achieved.
            “Technology allows for the interaction with people,” said Plunkett. “So why let it go to waste?”